workshops_sideNext to creating my artwork I am also teaching some of the polymer clay techniques that I’m using and which derive from the mokume gane.

I am teaching to small groups of students of all levels, there also is an option of taking an individual class with me for advanced students.

One of my favorite techniques to work with and to teach is mokume gane, which has been the starting point for some of my own techniques. Since it is a technique that is coming in many variations, classes for advanced students can be tailored to suit the needs of the audience.

Next to mokume gane classes I also offer classes on building different shapes, solid as well as hollow, finishing their surface in different ways and introducing mixed media techniques. The classes I do not teach above te basic level is caning which is not my favorite technique, i do not use it often and I do not consider myself an authority in that field.

Also, I do not teach techniques developed by other artists and being taught or published in tutorials by them, unless I have their permission to do so.

Next to teaching regular classes I am always happy to give guidance at ‘fun evenings’ for small groups. The students are making a simple jewelry piece using very basic polymer clay techniques – a ‘fun evening’ is more about a social event than real learning.

I teach in my own studio located at the Mayak Art House (in Bielsko-Biala, Poland) as well as in other places where I am invited. I am always happy to travel to teach.
I teach in English, Polish or Dutch.

If you are interested in my workshops, please contact me for the details. Please, keep in mind that I need time to prepare a workshop so try to contact me a few weeks before the date you are planning.