jagna_photo2-199x300My influences are first and foremost everything I see, feel and experience, but my abstract imagery is strongly affected by my architectural background.

My inspiration comes from the world around me, but I am not trying to reproduce the world in my pieces. My approach is to move the viewer’s imagination, therefore I keep my pieces very spare and clean. The titles of the pieces can be seen as starting points for the imagination to begin wandering.

Being both an artist and an architect I am interested in combining art and science in my artwork. I am using geometric forms, linearity and abstract patterns to represent architecture, science, products of our world, but also the surrounding nature, the Universe – and my own emotions and feelings.

Being both an artist and an architect I am also torn between the art and the functionality of my works. Therefore I have chosen to follow a very exciting path of creating wearable (thus functional) art objects which can be turned into visual art pieces.

I use various media to create my pieces of which polymer clay is my favorite, as it gives me endless opportunities for exploring new combinations of colors, textures and shapes. Over the time I have developed my own combination of techniques and ways that results in the unique qualities of my artwork and lets me create images that represent the intersections of my imagination and the real world.